Week 3

So, it’s been three weeks in the MTC and it feels like a lot longer than that. It’s been snowing and super super cold but at least I’m inside for most of the time.

We have been busy as ever with all of our investigators and classes. We get to do a lot of role playing and our teachers suggest that we be someone that we know who isn’t a member of the church as we are being taught. I always play Mom with only a little bit of the ghettoness so I don’t scare all these poor young Elders. My district loves when I talk about my family, especially Mom. Sister Hodgkin has begun to say “you must be outta yo’ EVERLASTING MIND”, but in her German accent so it’s hilarious.

We had our last day of regular classes and lessons yesterday. It was sad to say goodbye to my teachers because they have been amazing! But, it is exciting because I begin my Temple Square training tomorrow and I can’t wait! It will be nice to have a change in the schedule and get to learn how to conduct all the tours. I have met a few other sisters who will be going there and I love them. I am the only American that I have met so far going to Temple Square. My district will all be leaving tomorrow to Lansing. It will be weird to be here without them because they are like family now. Sister Jessop already left this morning to Long Beach and it really does feel like we are missing someone.

I found out yesterday that I might be telling my conversion story in Relief Society on Sunday. And by Relief Society, I mean every sister in the MTC; hundreds of people. I’m pretty nervous, mostly because I don’t want so many people to see me cry but it will be a great experience. This past week, we also had in-field orientation which gives us some practical experience with different things. It was the entire day of this seminar style teaching. I learned a lot and really enjoyed it. I also really enjoyed the two hour lunch break that we had. I was able to have my first nap at the MTC. It was magical. I have never appreciated sleep so much in my life!

More importantly though, I feel that I have had so many learning experiences this week. I feel more comfortable with the scriptures and with the doctrine of the lessons I will be teaching but, more importantly, I feel that I am changing. I am learning to be a more Christ-like person. I feel that the things that I am learning are changing who I am in the most positive way. The things that I have learned the most since I have been here are the importance of loving others. This work cannot be done for any motivation other than the love of God and His children. Also, I have learned the importance of being completely consecrated to the work. It is the only way that I can accomplish everything that the Lord needs me to do to help others to the fullest capacity. I am so grateful for all of the things that I have learned. I can feel the Lord helping me in all things. I have seen miracles already and am excited to see more as I arrive at Temple Square. Well, I better head out and start getting ready for the Temple ( I get to go twice this week by the way, which is awesome!). I hope everything is going well at home. I will write letters to both of you later on today. I love you!!

Love, Sister Jordan Walls


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