Week 3 Part 2

So, I have two p-days this week which means I get to write again! We have just a few days left in the MTC and the next time I write, I will be in Temple Square.

Wednesday was the first day of Temple Square training. We were able to actually go there and get a short tour from a couple of sisters. It was really nice to have that experience to see what it is I will be doing for the next 18 months. I just wish we had been able to look at everything! On Saturday, all of the sisters going to visitor’s centers will be going to Temple Square and go on splits for the last half of the day with a sister who is already serving there. I am so excited!

Its been strange the last few days to not have my district around. There have been so many new missionaries come in that I feel like I should already be in Temple Square, but I will try to be patient. I got a note in my mailbox yesterday from Sister Brown (the MTC president’s wife). It said that she for sure wants me to share my conversion story in Relief Society on Sunday. So, I will get to speak to hundreds of sisters on Sunday. I am trying not to get really nervous but its kind of hard not to. I am excited though because they always have amazing speakers in Relief Society. Last week, we had someone from the General Primary presidency come and speak to us. I will be guaranteed a chance to meet whoever comes to speak to us on Sunday so that is pretty exciting!

Well, I don’t know when my next p-day will be but I will let you know when I find out. I was finally able to send some pictures, mostly of me and my district. Enjoy!

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