It’s Christmas Time In Salt Lake City!

I’m four weeks into my first transfer. Tomorrow will begin week five (a transfer is 6 weeks). I’m predicting that Sister Ibarra and I will stay together for this next transfer so she can finish training me since it takes 2 transfers to train. I hope that we have some different assignment though. I just want to learn how to do everything. We’ll see though.

This past week has been good, a little weird but good. Yesterday I was really not feeling well. We went to the square for our companionship study and after being there for a few minutes, I felt super sick and I almost passed out. I’m totally fine now, no worries but Sister Ibarra was a little freaked out and she made me sit in a wheelchair for the rest of the day while she wheeled me around everywhere. I resisted for a while but it was actually nice and I really did need it. I have enclosed pictures of this event.

Sister Gillette (our mission president’s wife) arranged that every sister be able to have a Christmas dinner at a member’s house sometime this week. There were tons of people who volunteered to host us, which was really sweet. We went last night (luckily I was feeling better at that point) and it was great. This family has a tradition of dressing up as if they were acting out a nativity and eating dinner like that. There is a sister here who is actually from Kazakhstan. She helped all of us get all dressed up so we looked authentic. It was the first time in two months that I had been in a real home. It’s funny because most missionaries go into tons of homes all the time but I felt a little out of place at first. The family was so welcoming and the food was so good that I loved it! Our mission presidency takes such good care of us.

Something interesting, I recently found out that because of the influx of sisters that will be coming in as a result of the new change in missionary age, all of the sisters here will be going home one week early. So, my date will be April 2nd of 2014. We have a large board in the office area with all of the sisters serving and their companionships, districts, zones assignments, etc. It also has all of the arrival and going home dates. For some reason, I am the only missionary without a going home date. It’s just blank. Well, it was blank until someone wrote in the word FOREVER in that spot. I found it funny so I took a picture of it that you can’t really see. I love being a missionary, why not just stay forever (I’m just kidding Mom, don’t worry).

I have found this last week that the Lord has been teaching me quite a bit about faith. I thought that I was pretty good in that area but being a missionary has taught me that you can always have more faith. Last night while I was at the eternal families desk in the South Visitor’s Center, this guy walked in and started to talk to me. After being sick all day, I felt a little bit more brave than usual because I wanted to feel like I still had a productive day so I started to be a little bit more bold with this guy than I would have ordinarily been. He is a member but mentioned a few friends that were “trying to find their way back”. He gave me a couple of referrals for his friends and then went outside to see the lights. It all happened so fast. I have received referrals from members lots of times before but I felt that this was different. I realized that it was different because as he started talking to me, I was completely confident that this guy knew someone that needed the gospel. I felt confident that I could help him with those people. There are times when I meet people that I have complete faith that the gospel can help them in some way. There are times where I’m not so confident that I can help them. But, the thing about faith is that it is a principle of power. Faith literally makes us stronger, better, more capable of doing things. If I have faith that people want to hear the message of the restored gospel, they usually do. Somehow, in someway, having faith ALWAYS makes EVERY situation better. The Lord works with us according to our faith. The more confidence we have in Him, the more we are allowing Him to show forth His power in our lives. I’m still learning this principle. It’s hard some days when I don’t feel all that confident but faith is the cure for the majority of the problems we have in life. Having complete trust in the Lord always makes me happier.

Well, that has been my week. We have a baptism on Thursday that I can’t wait to go to. We get to teach people over the phone all over the world so it is incredible that this person actually lives in Salt Lake City so we get to attend his baptism! Now, we just need more people to teach! Well, I better get going. We have a surprise zone activity (Sister Ibarra is convinced that we’re going ice skating…scary). I’ll let you know though.

Just a quick little shout out:

-Thank you to everyone who contributed to my Christmas package! I really appreciate it! I think it’s already going to be the best Christmas ever and that just made it even better. I will also thank each person individually after Christmas (I am going to be patient and wait to open my presents).

Merry Christmas everyone ( I’m so excited to call home next week!)

Love, Sister Walls


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