I’m Too Excited To Sleep…Said No Missionary Ever!

I didn’t think that I would be able to email today but I do! Its Christmas Day! The square has been so busy this past week with all of the Christmas activities going on. At times, it has been a little overwhelming! Our zone activity last week was ice skating, Sister Ibarra guessed right. It was my first time ever and I was really nervous at first, so much so that I didn’t want to do it. But, once I got going I was actually pretty good. I surprised myself. Once I started going I wondered why I didn’t want to do it at first and its because I hate doing things that I’m not good at. I have really learned that about myself since I have been here. If I don’t think I can excel at something, I don’t even want to bother. It’s a shame because I have some talents that I have discovered here that I never knew I had. I never would have found out about them if I hadn’t tried new things that I initially fail at.

Anyways, I have had so many Christmas miracles in the last week. One of them is our amazing baptism. It was such a blessing to be able to go to that! Also, I have been trying to work on not being nervous or scared when I am calling people on the phones. It’s hard because I have always felt really awkward over the phone and I have had a few uncomfortable moments to say the least. But, trying to be bold, I did some contacts and I was able to find some new people who are super, super prepared, to teach. Being bold is paying off.

Well, it is Christmas Day and it is my first (and possibly only) white Christmas. It snowed and snowed and snowed yesterday. It is beautiful and clear today so the snow is just glistening. The square is only open from like 12 to 5 today so most of the sisters are only out for that time. But, it’s my P-day so I get to have the entire day for celebrating! They let us sleep in today and I slept until 8. It was weird. I kept waking up thinking that I overslept and I needed to be studying or something. After we woke up, we opened presents. I feel so spoiled, it was ridiculous. My family, friends and amazing ward members are so generous! Thank you everyone for thinking of me during your busy Christmas season. (I will also be thanking you individually). My heart is just so full of gratitude.

After that, I got to call home. I didn’t think that I was going to cry but I did cause that’s what I do. It’s strange because I don’t feel homesick or sad or anything like that. I am just grateful that my family is doing well. I just love them so much for supporting me. I couldn’t have a better family. Well, I’m sure that today will be filled with even more fun Christmas celebrations. It’s fun but I feel ready to get back to regular missionary work now. I’m pumped now! Merry Christmas everyone!

Love, Sister Walls

Baptism concertIce skating 2  ice skating More snow Present Snow 2 Snow 3 Snow Square Snow


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