Things Never Stay The Same For Long

I have a new p-day now and it’s SATURDAY!!! So, expect my emails and such on Saturday for the next 6 weeks. With the holidays being over, things are slowing down and that means that we now have our p-days in the evenings. Before, it ended at 6pm and then we would go do missionary stuff at that point but now it starts at 1 and goes to the end of the day. It’s pretty sweet! So, I found out that my assignment for this transfer will be Welfare Square! We will be there three days a week (more than anyone else). The rest of the time, we will be on the square and in the teaching center. I have the most coveted schedule in my entire mission. Everyone wants to be here. I was able to cover earlier in the week and I also had an orientation/training. The welfare program of the church is amazing! I didn’t realize how much the church does to help those in need and most of the time without any recognition. While we are serving there, we are able to give tours of the square to visitors and explain the program to them. The square includes the bishop’s storehouse (where needy individuals and families can come and get food/household supplies that they need), the warehouse, bakery, cannery, dairy, and Deseret Industries thrift store. We are able to explain how the church uses these buildings to help people and, of course, bridge it to the gospel. When there aren’t any tours, we are able to help families fill their orders. We take them around the bishop’s storehouse and help them get the things that they need. I feel so blessed to be able to serve here. It has already helped me to feel even more grateful for the things that I have. This is going to be a great transfer!

With the new transfer, I also got a new roommate. I still live with Sister Savelio, but her companion is Sister Flores from Honduras. She has been trying to teach me some Spanish. She thinks it’s funny how I try to enunciate words but she doesn’t laugh at me too much.

So, a few miracles have happened since Tuesday. I had received a couple of referrals from a man a couple of weeks ago and I hadn’t been able to get a hold of one of them until last week. He was so sweet. He had been through so many things in his life and I could tell that he was ready to make some changes. We talked for almost 45 minutes! I invited him to attend church last week after being inactive for about 5 years. I found out this week that he went! It may not seem like that big of a deal but I feel that it is a miracle. I have felt so much love for him and I am excited to watch him continue to progress and make those changes that will bring him lasting happiness and joy in his life. Another miracle, in addition to calling people, we are able to chat with them on the internet and answer their questions when they call in. Sometimes, we have amazing things happen but lately, there have been some weirdos calling and chatting (wonderful children of God, but weirdos nonetheless). Last week, we got a chat from this guy. He started the conversation by asking if there was anyone he could talk to that could help him see if he wants to get baptized. That was the very first thing he said! We sent the local missionaries to him and are able to continue to talk to him over the phone. He is getting baptized in about three weeks! Miracles!!!

There have been so many other amazing things happen. Some that I can’t even accurately describe how amazing they are so I don’t know if I should even try. I am grateful to be able to watch people come closer to Christ. Whether it’s by being baptized, returning back to church, or helping someone to feel the Spirit convert them more fully, I love knowing that people are coming closer to the Savior. The vast majority of the time, I don’t get to see the fruits of my labors as a missionary. I don’t always get to know if local missionaries followed up or if someone actually ended up returning to the fold. But, it really doesn’t matter. Sister Ibarra told me a quote my first week here and it has sort of become my motto. It says, “Don’t be so faithless that you have to see the fruits of your labors”. I might have shared it before, I don’t know. But, I love it because it is so true. My faith wasn’t created by sight and it won’t be sustained by it either. I will keep doing what I know I need to do regardless of anything else.

With love, Sister Walls
P.S.-I am officially no longer a “first transfer” sister. Woohoo!Beehive House Beehive House-2 BY Beehive House Beehive House-3 20th Floor The Passed Down Pig Fell Out Of Her Chair Making Pancakes


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