Snow Day and Other Miraculous Tales

Another great week!

The last couple days it snowed, and snowed, and snowed. It snowed so much that all of the church buildings were closed down. That meant SNOW DAY yesterday!!! We were at Welfare Square and they announced in the Bishop’s Storehouse that the buildings were closing due to the snow. I was a little disappointed because we hadn’t given any tours all day and we had one later on that had to be canceled. I just wanted to feel like the day was more productive but it was still good. We had hosted (taken people around the storehouse to fill their orders), which I LOVE doing! So, we had to drive back in the snow and then, once we got home, we saw all these sisters in the hallways of the apartments in their pajamas. I had planned to clean the apartment when I got home so that I could have a relaxing p-day but that didn’t happen. Instead, we did a 500 piece puzzle with a couple of other sisters that Sister Ibarra got for Christmas. It was nice. So, its kind of like I got 2 p-days two weeks in a row. But, we made up for it by working extra hard on the Square and the TC.

We had some amazing things happen this past week as a result. We were on the Square on Monday night. There was no one there. We kept walking and trying to find someone to talk to. There was seriously no one. I was getting a little antsy not feeling like I was able to do my job as a missionary. Then, as we were getting ready to exit the South Visitor’s Center, we saw a man looking at a few things. We started talking to him. The conversation was about 10 minutes long. We invited him to be baptized. He said yes. We were pretty happy to say the least. After that, we went straight to the Teaching Center where we called Barbara, this super sweet older lady who Sister Ibarra has been teaching for a while. We had a short 10 minute conversation with her too. We invited her to be baptized. She also said yes. We were giddy, we were so happy. The next morning, we had a chat with this girl named Julia. She said that she had been reading the Book of Mormon and that she knows that it is true. I could feel her excitement to learn more, even though it was just over the computer. We invited her to be baptized. She said yes too. She is going to church for the first time tomorrow. It all happened so fast. I don’t even know what to do with myself, I’m so excited.

I have so much love for each of these wonderful people. They all come from different circumstances with different backgrounds and we met them in different ways but it just goes to show that the gospel truly is for everyone. It amazes me how the Lord can prepare people to learn about and accept the gospel. I just want to share it with everyone! There are days where we meet amazing and prepared people like the ones we met this week and it boosts my testimony of the gospel so much. There are also the days where no one will answer the phone, no one wants to talk on the square and I just feel unhappy. Those days also build my testimony, not usually immediately, but it always builds it if I allow it to.

I know that the Lord’s timing and His plan for each of us is perfect. It doesn’t always seem that way because our lives are so difficult and so seemingly imperfect at times. There is always a reason for what we experience in this life. No righteous effort is ever wasted. No prayer is wasted, no kind act is wasted, no testimony borne is wasted. No cold, snowy night walking aimlessly around the square is wasted. There is always something to be learned or someone to be helped. It is all according to the Lord’s perfect plan.

With love, Sister WallsFinished Puzzle Roomates!


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