Still, Small Voice

So, I realized this week that last Thursday was my 3 month mark. I have been out for 3 months already! I can’t believe it! Well, I’m feeling much better this week. The cough that I had lingered a bit but, I am happy to be up and about doing missionary things. I was excited to get back to Welfare Square this week. We couldn’t be there for over a week because of different things. I forgot how much I love being there. The day just flies. Time in general has been moving at a much faster pace. It has been a little bit difficult at times because it seems as though there is no one to teach. It’s hard since we both only speak English and there are some companionships where both speak different languages so they can teach in 3 or 4 or 5 different languages between the two of them. I have been trying really hard not to compare the outward results of my work against others because I have things to learn and people to help in my current circumstance.

The weather has been terrible lately. This morning looked like a horror movie with all the fog. It was actually kind of cool. On Thursday, there was what they call “frozen rain”. I didn’t even know it existed until I physically saw it. The Arizonan in me was really confused. Because of the thick layer of ice on the ground, no one could really walk and they sent us home halfway through the day. Some of the sisters were really excited but I was upset because I actually had an appointment that evening and I had to cancel it. To make it worse, the appointment was a sibling of one of my favorite sisters that I serve with here. I felt bad but I wasn’t allowed to stay. It ended up being fun though. I hung out with my old companion, Sister Hodgkin and Sister Walsh (from England). They are some of my best friends here. I can’t really complain.

One amazing thing that I learned this week was really trusting in the promptings that I receive. While we were planning a lesson for our investigator, Robert, I had a feeling that we should show him the presentation “God’s Plan”. Now, Robert has told us quite a bit about his family and he has had it tough in that regard. He has really been through a lot as a result of his family. Just a bit of background, God’s Plan shows this super happy family, members of the church, during different points in their life. Some people have described this family as “perfect” or “ideal”. Anyways, I suggested this idea that I had to my companion. She looked at me a little funny and said “Don’t you think that would make him sad?” I thought, “Yeah it might, but I think we should take him through it anyways”. I just couldn’t let go to the feeling I had. So, we did. After it was over, I asked him how he felt. He started crying and told us that he felt the spirit was cleansing him of the pain and bad feelings he had held onto for so many years. At first, when I saw him crying, I thought “Oh great, what did I do?” But I knew afterwards that the Spirit had communicated something very important to me and that God trusted me to act.

It has built my faith so much because if God trusts me with such sensitive information, I should trust myself more as well. It is difficult to know at times if what I am feeling is just me or not. I have decided to just go with it. If I am really, really wrong, God will correct me to a point that I cannot misunderstand. It makes sense though. Why would you scream at someone when you can just talk in a normal voice? It is the same with how God speaks to us. He isn’t going to yell if we can understand a whisper. It is exciting to think of all the other chances I will have on my mission still to have experiences like these. It has made me even more confident in the calling that I have of being a disciple of Jesus Christ and ministering to others as He would.

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