There Really is an Opposition in All Things

Hello! This might not be a very long email. Unfortunately, I am not feeling very well. On Monday, while we were serving at Welfare Square, I started to feel pretty gross. It just kept getting worse and worse throughout the week until yesterday, I said something to my district leader and I got permission to see a doctor. I found out that I have tonsillitis and a respiratory infection. My poor companion has had to take care of me and I’m pretty gross right now. That just tells you how awesome she is.

I was so mad because I can’t do anything for a couple of days because I’m super contagious and I can’t really talk much. Being sick on a mission is the pits. I have felt really useless the last few days to be completely honest. I don’t want to waste a minute of the Lord’s time and sleeping/being sick seems like a waste but everyone keeps telling me to just chill. Me coughing on people probably won’t do anything to help them want to get baptized. But, there is still plenty to be grateful for. Sister Ibarra went on an exchange last night with another sister so that I could rest. We had an appointment with this man named Robert that we have been teaching. I heard that the lesson was amazing and we set a baptismal date with him for January 27th. Robert is the best ever so I was so excited when she told me and I am still excited. He lives here in Salt Lake so we can go to his baptism!!!

Another blessing was that all the sisters here had a leadership training this last week. It was so good. We had it in the Church History Museum and after the training, we got to walk around and have a tour. The art nerd in me loved it, of course. I was so excited. We also got to call this super sweet girl that Sister Ibarra has been teaching for a while but we haven’t been able to teach together until this past week. She is from Mesa but lives in Flagstaff and goes to NAU. I was so excited to be able to teach a Lumberjack. Some of the sisters here get to call and teach people in their native language that live in their home countries. I love being able to teach anyone but to teach “my people” from Arizona, it’s even better.

Sorry that my letter isn’t the most exciting this week, I’m not feeling completely coherent but the work is great nonetheless. I am hoping that I will be back to feeling 100% so I can go back to normal and do as much finding and teaching as possible. God is still good though!

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