Hello! It’s about that time again…transfer time! It is a little bit scary but exciting at the same time. I will be going in to my third transfer next week which is a bit of a landmark. I will be done being trained and so many new things will be happening. We have transfer conference Monday morning where we get to find out new assignments, companions, zones, leaders, apartments, everything! I have found that every time you get a little bit comfortable as a missionary (or just in life in general), something occurs that leads to some change. I have always been one of those strange people that enjoy change. I like having different experiences to be able to learn from and enjoy. Having that combined with the faith that Heavenly Father ALWAYS knows what He is doing and will ALWAYS take care of me is quite comforting. Having my circumstances change so often has caused me to reflect on the time that I have spent on my mission so far and consider some of the changes that I have been so blessed to experience in me as a person. I came on my mission prepared to help people change their lives through the blessings of the gospel. I really had no idea that so many changes would occur in myself. In the short few months that I have been here, I have seen my testimony increase about a million fold. My knowledge of the scriptures has increased. My ability to explain with words what I feel so deeply in my heart has improved. But, I think the most significant change that has occurred, especially in this last transfer, has been my ability to love others without reservation. This one change has had the single greatest impact on my mission thus far than anything else. It has helped me to overcome fears, endure disappointment and overlook the weaknesses in myself and others. I have been able to create friendships with people who are so different from me. My mission is positively affected every day by having opportunities to love and serve others. That has especially been the case with the people I communicate with most often, my companion and the other missionaries that I serve with. Any negative feelings that I have had toward other people, regardless of how legitimate my claim may be, has always, always made me feel unhappy, whether I was aware of it or not. I don’t want to waste a second of the Lord’s time being unhappy. So, to be happy, I have decided to make the necessary changes in myself that I would like for other people to have. If someone isn’t being patient with me then I can just be patient with them and I don’t get angry. If someone doesn’t seem very friendly, then I will be extra friendly to them. The vast majority of the time, when we have an issue with another, it is because there is something from within that we need to fix. It doesn’t make sense to waste time being unhappy about another person’s actions that we can’t change when we can just make a few adjustments our self and be happy. It is really that simple. When we waste our time fostering negative feelings towards others, there will be no time left to love them. I am grateful for the experiences that have taught me this and I am excited for the new opportunities that I will have in the future to learn and make any necessary changes.

From Temple Square, with love
Sister Walls


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