Sacrifice Brings Forth the Blessings of Heaven

Hello! I feel like I have been saying this a whole lot lately but, I can’t believe another p-day is here again! This transfer is only going to be five weeks instead of the usual six so there are only two weeks left. It makes me so sad to think about because Sister George and I will have to split the people we are teaching so that we can teach with our new companions. I don’t want to think about it yet, so I won’t.

Well, we received an announcement this morning from our mission president, President Gillette that we can email not just family but friends too. I want to apologize to those who have emailed me and I haven’t been able to respond. But, now I can, so I will!

I had the opportunity this last Saturday to be paired with a sister in the MTC going to a visitor’s center. I was with Sister Shaw from Utah who is going to the Washington DC visitor’s center. It was a very different experience than the one I had a couple of weeks ago. I was asked last minute to do it so I had no time to really think about it beforehand. I have found it is usually better for me that way. I tend to think about things too much and get nervous. Anyways, she was fantastic and we had some really great experiences talking to members on the Square. I realized after the fact that each person we talked to cried at some point during the contact because the Spirit was so strong. Knowing that she was from the MTC and probably nervous really caused me to feel more confident. I knew that whatever I communicated to her about being a missionary in a visitor’s center would probably stick in her mind. I wanted to show her that it is okay to have a personality, we aren’t robots. It was good.

So, some very exciting things have been happening with the people I am teaching. There is one man that I taught with Sister Ibarra last transfer who is getting baptized this Saturday! It has been a long road but I am so excited for him and I know how much the gospel will bless his life. We were asked to give a musical number during it…kinda scary cause I can’t really sing but I guess we’ll figure it out. In addition to that, I have also been asked to speak in two sacrament meetings for a local stake in Park City. As Temple Square missionaries, we don’t work with a ward, we have our own sacrament meeting of just the sisters. It will be fun to go to a regular sacrament meeting in a family ward. Even better than that, we get to attend Sunday School AND Relief Society. I haven’t been to a Sunday School in over 4 months so that should be good. Oh, the things I took for granted before I was a missionary. They have also asked us to give a musical number. I don’t know if I am up to this. But, I get to tell my conversion story again so, I guess its worth it.

I have found this transfer to be really unique in the blessings and challenges that I have faced in comparison to the last two. I have been so blessed to be able to teach soooo much and serve. I didn’t feel as effective or comfortable in this way until this time. But, it has also been challenging in a way that I didn’t expect. It has been so easy for me to doubt that what I am doing is enough and that I am living up to my fullest potential as a missionary. I don’t know how long I will have this particular challenge but, for every difficulty that I am given, the Lord also blesses me with more tender mercies than I know what to do with. It has required me to live in a slightly more humble and thankful way in order for me to recognize them but, they are always there. Something that I share in lessons all the time is that whenever we sacrifice something for the Lord, He always gives us back something that is infinitely better. I have had to sacrifice several things both before and during my service in order to see some of those blessings. They are real. He always takes care of us. It doesn’t mean that life is void of challenges (because it never is), but we will always be happier by aligning our will with His. Well, we’re going to Red Robin as a zone pretty soon so I better go. See ya next week!

From Temple Square with love,
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